Cyborg Women and Popular Culture

Following our midterm, the readings this week challenge us to think differently about what constitutes the terms feminism/feminist, gender, and intersectional feminism. In terms of our midterm, I keep thinking back to Alenda Chang’s suggestion that we think about nonhuman forms of care that relate to the world around us—both environmental care and critter care. … Continue reading Cyborg Women and Popular Culture



In Perform/Praxis, I consider my relationship to performance and practice as they relate to music I have performed in the past. Before creating this project, I came up with a one word manifesto for myself and landed on "practice" as a word that describes my approach to learning and life. When musicians perform on stage, … Continue reading Perform/Praxis

Public Pedagogies in Practice

Before reading this week’s articles about the Hashtag Syllabus projects and going through the syllabi, I noted that I had seen this kind of collective scholarly organizing on Facebook. I belong to several groups for SCMS (Society for Cinema and Media Studies) scholarly interest groups as well as a Teaching Film and Media Studies group. … Continue reading Public Pedagogies in Practice