Lights & Prisms

Following up on my metaphor of knowledge as fire I want to offer an alternative metaphor for which to describe knowledge and its (de)-construction by way of lights and prisms. I propose that a white light symbolize knowledge and almighty “truth”. This truth seems almost undeniable and universal. Light is light. Shine a light on … Continue reading Lights & Prisms


Intersectional Feminist Technology [Extending Crenshaw]

This week’s topic is titled, “Intersectional Feminist Technology [Extending Crenshaw]”. To begin, I’ll introduce who we’re extending. Over the last two decades “intersectionality” has become a popular, common term whose definition has become widely understood. Evidence (popular evidence, that is, by means of youth brands) of this includes its usage on an MTV show, [WTF … Continue reading Intersectional Feminist Technology [Extending Crenshaw]