November 20 – Agenda & Notes

November 20 – Agenda

  1. Discuss definitions of feminist technology/care
  1. Do we want definitions at all?
    1. Care as a rejection of the neoliberal phallologocentric technological regime
    2. Technology defined broadly – analog, digital, etc.
    3. Feminist ethics of care (Carol Gilligan)
    4. Care as a feminist technology
    5. Four definitions for feminist technologies (Deborah Johnson)
      1. Tech that’s good for women
      2. Tech that make for equitable gender relations
      3. Tech that favors women
      4. Tech that constitute social relations that are more equitable than those that were constituted by a prior technology
  2. Other terminological issues:
    1. “Relational Aesthetics”: an artistic piece/performance realized through the participation/viewing of an audience; theoretically erases hierarchy between artist/public
      1. Consider going to our art museum to see examples of social practice artists (residual things from the performance itself)
      2. People tend to favor “social practice” over “relational aesthetics” nowadays
    2. Essay taking the form of Balsamo’s essay “AIDS QUILT”
  1. Break into stations and talk logistics for each, then come together and discuss so we can make final decisions as a group
  1. How, concretely, do you view the activity?
  2. What sources/ideas make it “praxis?”
  3. Record audio for digital piñata
  4. Names of stations and map
    1. Sex Station: Jungle gym 😉
      1. Sara Lerner (set-up)
      2. Allison Pierce (set-up)

→ no-one during event

Need pens for mad libs

3 books, ethical porn consumption handout, reading list card, sex mad libs – Main Event, bring some erotica?, love poems (Adriene Rich), audre lorde uses of the erotic (??), Striptastic(?)/Jacq Frances work, Annie Sprinkle work, Susie Q/Candida Royalle/Susie Bright, sex toy shopping list?, info about the ACLU/sexual health services here

—-Decorate: stickers, confetti/sparkly things, lots of red

    1. Sleep Station: Care through relaxing
      1. Sara Morris (set-up)

→ no-one during event

    1. Making Station: “Care through crafting”
      1. Keita (set-up)
      2. Allie

→ Keita/Allie during event

Putting paper on the table, bringing crayons, Allie printing off coloring pages, Keita bringing clay/supplies

Phase, collective sculpture


      1. Map of Care (exit activity):


  • Set-up?!


    1. Digital Pinata Station: Care through
      1. James (set-up)

→ James/Rebecca during event

    1. Rage Pinata Station: Care through Venting
      1. Rebecca (to make)
      2. Paulina (to make)
      3. Leticia (set-up)

→ Leticia during event

    1. Weaving/Meet-and-greeters (eg. Non-player characters): Care through Weaving
      1. Jihye (set-up)
      2. Paulina (set-up)
      3. Mariano (set-up)

→ Jihye/Paulina/Mariano/Sara Lerner during event

→ T-shirts evoke absent bodies

    1. Tea Station:
      1. Sara (set-up)

→ Anna/Sara M during event

Idea map:


Video of feet

Time-lapse photos of ceiling

  1. Talk about “rules of engagement” for players
  2. The weavers will guide players as NPCs; one will circulate to ensure flow through the space
  3. Take inventory off of Sara’s station list and see what we need to purchase/make/etc.
  4. Finalize language and design for FB event/website
  1. What’s the name of that thing?
  2. “Hello Friends, 2017 is a nightmare! And we are here to offer you care”
  3. FemTech Lab invites you to please join our class for a guided interactive experience to engage with feminist technologies of care!”  


  1. Discuss our approach to the final paper
  1. Timeline
  2. Sections (?)
    1. Theoretical introduction
      1. Almost like a literature review, mapping of the field
      2. And here’s why it’s important that we study it
      3. And then narrow in on the actual thing
    2. Process of actually putting it together
      1. Doing it in a chronological manner
        1. Here’s what we considered, here’s what we ended up with
    3. Then, how do we apply the theory we mentioned at the top to this specific thing
      1. And what have we learned
  1.  Clothing: wearing black; Anna to provide bandanas to mark us as caretakers


  1. What’s the name of our thing: “Care Playground”


  • Meet on Sunday before the event to set up at 11:00 a.m.?




  • Give James photos and videos of careas
  • Prep and record your bit for:
  • How do others show care for you?
  • Who do you care for? How do you show it?
  • What do you care about?
  • What are feminist technologies of care that you practice?
  • How did you find them?
  • How do they make you feel?
  • Provide a paragraph description of your station
  • Figure out what to do with the complaints
  • Bring t-shirts and scissors
  • Procuring the stuffs!



Johnson, Deborah G. “Sorting out the question of feminist technology.” Feminist technology (2010): 36-54.

She proposes “four candidates” for feminist technologies.

Victor Turner’s development of Martin Buber’s concept of communitas –  “This multitude [the community], though it moves towards one goal, yet experiences everywhere a turning to, a dynamic facing of, the others, a flowing from I to Thou.”

Davina Cooper’s Everyday Utopias – she builds on Carol Gilligan’s 1982 concept of feminist care ethic, which validates and creates “counternorms” that create “ideas of context, feeling, intimacy, and importantly (inter)dependency” (p. 100) → uploaded this chapter from her book to GoogleDrive  

Interview with Carol Gilligan: “How would you define ethics of care?

As an ethic grounded in voice and relationships, in the importance of everyone having a voice, being listened to carefully (in their own right and on their own terms) and heard with respect. An ethics of care directs our attention to the need for responsiveness in relationships (paying attention, listening, responding) and to the costs of losing connection with oneself or with others.”

Emotion work – Hochschild

Not sure if it is totally applicable because it has more to do with workplace/commodification of feeling than it does care, but I feel like it might be able to give us something? Idek

Playground of Care

Care Playground



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