November 20 – Agenda & Notes

November 20 - Agenda Discuss definitions of feminist technology/care Do we want definitions at all? Care as a rejection of the neoliberal phallologocentric technological regime Technology defined broadly - analog, digital, etc. Feminist ethics of care (Carol Gilligan) Care as a feminist technology Four definitions for feminist technologies (Deborah Johnson) Tech that’s good for women … Continue reading November 20 – Agenda & Notes


(Post)human Rhythms

One question that continues to interest me is subjectivity in a post-Derridean world. Indeed, it seems that we have done away with essences and existence with a capital E. We increasingly seek to make critical interventions that do not substantively engage the issue precisely because we are beyond “substance.” This has two crucial implications for … Continue reading (Post)human Rhythms

Feminist Technologies Playground – Abstract

From the blatant political disregard for facts, climate change, and immigration policy within the White House to the right-wing series of governments in Europe, East and Southeast Asia, the world seems to be entering a new and worrisome phase. In light of these recent global shifts, how do we keep the personal political with the increasing … Continue reading Feminist Technologies Playground – Abstract


I would like to begin with the simple phrase “as if.” Alicia Garza uses it in her critique of the discourses around BlackLivesMatter: “[w]hen you adopt the work of a queer woman of color, don’t name or recognize it, and promote it as if it has no history of its own [–] such actions are … Continue reading As-if-ism