Public Pedagogies in Practice

Before reading this week’s articles about the Hashtag Syllabus projects and going through the syllabi, I noted that I had seen this kind of collective scholarly organizing on Facebook. I belong to several groups for SCMS (Society for Cinema and Media Studies) scholarly interest groups as well as a Teaching Film and Media Studies group. … Continue reading Public Pedagogies in Practice


Hashtag Syllabi as a Feminist Technology

The hashtag syllabus is a contemporary collective process to curate and compile knowledge with the goal of making information more accessible and ultimately bring about social change. I am interested in delineating the knowledge production expectations around the hashtag syllabus; who are the knowers (those who produce and are cited in the syllabus), who is … Continue reading Hashtag Syllabi as a Feminist Technology

Hashtag Syllabi and Accessibility of Knowledge

The increasingly present hashtag syllabus is a vital step toward in a direction of democratization of academic knowledge and, I hope, leads to placing emphasis on accessibility of academic and non academic resources for educators and beyond. I want to explore where I feel like this potential has been located in the syllabi we've examined … Continue reading Hashtag Syllabi and Accessibility of Knowledge