in it to win it: the sports bra seen through assemblage and intersectionality

When Brandi Chastain scored the winning penalty shot and took off her shirt to reveal her sports bra time seemed to stand still for soccer fans. In this victorious moment, Chastain revealed her body (her muscles) in a non-sexual manner. For a short window of time people cared about this event enough to write controversial … Continue reading in it to win it: the sports bra seen through assemblage and intersectionality


Interactive Pillow

 Introducing the Touch Pillowcase Push to sleepThe Touch Pillowcase features a central embroidered button and various constellations easily visible in the night sky. Constellations, like Aquarius, Cepheus, Grus (the crane), Lacerta (the lizard), Octans, and Pegasus are not only visible during the fall in Santa Barbara, California, but are also stitched on the pillowcase. These … Continue reading Interactive Pillow

A Cure for the Common Lie #Syllabi

#Syllabi are born from tragedy; years of injustice, oppression, exclusivity, inequality, hate and fear; #Charlestonsyllabus, #StandingRockSyllabus, #ImmigrationSyllabus, #TrumpSyllabus2.0 , #IslamophobiaIsRacismSyllabus, #AllMonumentsMustFallSyllabus. The voices I hear are those of which our nation's leaders have failed to defend. I can hear them demonstrating as I read through various #syllabi's timelines, blog posts, op-eds, articles, and abstracts. I don't just hear one voice, but many characterized by strong, intelligent, and inclusive … Continue reading A Cure for the Common Lie #Syllabi