FemTech Care Playground


to PlAy

to interWEAVE

to INterMINGgle

to aSk

to EXperiMent

to ShAre 

to thoughtfully cHallEngE

to converse 

to intersect


to IntErcHanGE

to COLLECTively eXplOrE

to interACTively CARE

Welcome to the FemTech Care Playground! 

Please chose one of the verb collections above.

You may add your own verb to the list; if so, please hand your list of verbs to one of the agents (either in Yellow, Pink, Blue), so we can add your verbs to the playground.

You may explore the space by yourself, or those whom you have an awkward eye contact with, or one of the agents floating around the space. Each agent has a different energy, so we encourage you to explore all the different energies in the space.


(Imagine Wireframe all interweaved with colorful threads. Imagine some of us are wearing colorful shirts talking to strangers, visitors still interweaving colorful threads as we converse, share, and learn to interactively care one another over the course of the time. Imagine Wireframe becoming more visually metaphorically literally figuratively playful as it gets cluttered with colors and people and their stories.)


(The thread can be as thin as crochet-size, or as huge as this hand-weave-size)


(bird-eye view of imagined Wireframe)


(Agent in color with hand-weaving kit)


(Agent at work)


(A human form of agent looks like this)

(Below is the hand-weaving guide)


(Very easy)

My project is inspired by Deborah Britzman’s description on Eve Sedgwick’s work as “theory kindergarten, a fun fair of experiments, thrilling surprises, mis-recognitions, near-missed encounters, and phantasies that lead, in the strangest directions, to our games of ‘let’s pretend.” (qtd in Heather Love’s “Truth and Consequences: On Paranoid Reading and Reparative Reading).

I’m especially interested in individual wording of


fun fair of experiments,

thrilling surprises,


near-missed encounters, phantasies that lead in the strangest directions, 

to our games of ‘let’s pretend. 

Not as a way to describe a theory, but as a way to describe a space with potentials.

I’m interested in creating a space,

where anyone can come in and create a relationship with a stranger,

where the birthing relationship is visually shown as each threads,

where the ending relationship is visually shown as unraveling threads,

where the digitally wired network of us data bodied human is physicalized,

where the invisible labor of emotional, mental, social labor, our desire to                                             connect is visible through the constant labor of hand-crocheting,


The list should continue collectively.


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