FemTech Care Playground

MANIFESTO to PlAy to interWEAVE to INterMINGgle to aSk to EXperiMent to ShAre  to thoughtfully cHallEngE to converse  to intersect to CONNECT to IntErcHanGE to COLLECTively eXplOrE to interACTively CARE Welcome to the FemTech Care Playground!  Please chose one of the verb collections above. You may add your own verb to the list; if so, … Continue reading FemTech Care Playground



It is dark-dark navy, almost close to the color of jet black, embedded with thin white lines of thread so subtle that you need to pay good attention to notice the white thread’s surprisingly importance to its structure. It is outlined with a red zipper, and perhaps it is this contour that makes it visually … Continue reading it,