Challenged/Challenging Haraway/Puar

Generally, in my blog posts, I try not to summarize the readings, but instead to extend their arguments or raise salient questions. I’m not sure if this week’s readings have theory I have no grounding in, or that we’ve simply hit the inevitable point of endless sleep deprivation in the quarter, but I’m struggling to … Continue reading Challenged/Challenging Haraway/Puar


Rage Piñata

In his work about disidentificatory performances of politics, or acts that reformulate the world through performing politics, José Esteban Muñoz argues that rage can provide a call to activism, to “take space in the social that has been colonized by the logics of white normativity and heteronormativity.”[1] Rage can be useful since it demands action. … Continue reading Rage Piñata


About a month ago, I traveled through San Francisco and crashed at my cousin’s loft. He lives alone, near Fisherman’s Wharf. It was my 6th? 7th? time visiting San Francisco, but my first time at his place. Whenever I enter someone’s home for the first time, I’m magnetically drawn to their fridge. His fridge is … Continue reading Lamplight

Hashtag Syllabus

This week’s readings focus on the hashtag syllabus, whose collaborative nature seems to neatly fit into the category of “feminist technology.” As Lisa Monroe tells us, the syllabi are intended to fill in a hole in “traditional” academia, which has a “systemic deficiency of racially inclusive content.” Rather than creating a new technology, Monroe argues … Continue reading Hashtag Syllabus